Registered Migration Agent
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Australian Immigration

Australia has some of the most complex migration legislation in the world. You may want to work, visit, marry, or extend your stay in Australia. We help you choose the right visa, and make sure everything is correct on your application.


We do everything to make sure your visa application is valid. We are on your side.


Visa application is a long and time-consuming process. We take care of every single detail to save your time.


We genuinely care about our clients and deliver the highest level of service. Relax and trust us.


Enjoy a clear and well-structured process that will help you feel sure everything is on track and taken care of.


Permanent Visas are Granted per Year


Temporary Visas are Granted per Year


At Carlan Migration we really get to know our clients. We like to work this way as it helps us to get the best possible outcomes.

Australian Immigration agent Carlan Migration

190,000 people will get visas for permanent migration this year alone. So whether coming to Australia temporarily, permanently or if you are already here, give us a call.

Having migrated here myself in 2000 I understand the joys and tribulations of migration. Applying for a visa with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection can seem intimidating.

A Migration Agent is trained to submit applications that satisfy all the criteria of the visa.  The application is submitted on your behalf by the agent, with your best possible chances of having your visa granted. You will be asked to provide all the necessary fees information and documentation, we compile it and complete the application.

During the 16 years I’ve lived in Australia I’ve travelled to every state, and one territory (ACT), brought up 2 boys who are both now at university. I’ve bought and sold houses, cars and boats. I’ve run a business and worked for the NSW government. I’ve been mostly fit but occasionally visited a hospital (casualty – long story). I’ve learned a lot about Australia and I’m happy to share what I know with you. I have strong ties to India, Europe, and my native UK. I know what to expect and I take pride in offering a personal service helping in any way I can.
I am registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority (1575226) and adhere to the Migration Agents Code of Conduct, which can be viewed here:
Carlan Migration Agent Australia

Aidan Carlan
Director, Carlan Migration